September 3, 2014

”it’s like you guys are fighting for something without using any violence or guns or anything, and it’s a part of hip-hop culture.’ [Yasiin Bey]

"…we’re born and raised in the Bronx, so it’s just a different facet of urban culture and all this mixing and amalgamation of different things.

…with Black Ivy and Street Etiquette in general, what we always wanted to do is create a whole new narrative from what we grew up, with hip-hop culture in the Bronx…at first it was really hard to get it going, it was just three years of working hard. we didn’t really do it for a paycheck. we did it because we wanted to express what we were feeling at the time, and next thing you know, all these big companies like Nike, Adidas, Jordan Brand then they hit us up like, ‘we want the same exact vision for our brand.’ so it really happened organically.”

-Joshua Kissi

August 28, 2014

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July 22, 2014

Does that kind of mockery feel like an effort to de-fang you? 
But also, there’s no fangs. I don’t have fangs. I’m a porcupine. I’m a blowfish. Like, I’m a—what’s the fish that blows up?

A blowfish?
Yeah. I’m a blowfish. I’m not a shark, I’m a blowfish. So that perfect example about me hitting my head, it’s like a blowfish. I wasn’t coming out of my house going to a paparazzi’s house to attack them. I’m defending my family in front of my own house. I’m defending my name as someone’s screaming something negative at me. That’s a blowfish. People have me pinned as a shark or a predator in some way, and in no way am I that. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. I want to defend people. I want to help people.

Mr. West/GQ

June 26, 2014
"you should be angry. you must not be bitter. bitterness is like cancer—it eats upon the host. it doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure. so use that anger: you write it, you paint it, you dance it, you march it, you vote it. you do everything about it. you talk it. never stop talking it."

— Maya Angelou

June 19, 2014
"People are less about the brand and more about self-confidence and how the brands can assist them, similar to what Steve [Jobs] was doing with tech. This is my goal in lifestyle, in everyday life—to change the idea of what luxury is. Because time is the only luxury. It’s not all these brands that we just drove by that are somehow selling our esteem back to us through association."

— Kanye West

June 4, 2014
go for it.

go for it.

May 30, 2014
"Throughout her writing, Ms. Angelou (pronounced AHN-zhe-lo) explored the concepts of personal identity and resilience through the multifaceted lens of race, sex, family, community and the collective past. As a whole, her work offered a cleareyed examination of the ways in which the socially marginalizing forces of racism and sexism played out at the level of the individual."

Margalit Fox

May 29, 2014

"Now, I have this thought experiment that I play with myself, when I say imagine if I walked you into a room and it was of a major corporation, like ExxonMobil, and every single person around the boardroom were black, you would think that were weird. But if I walked you into a Fortune 500 company and everyone around the table is a white male, when will it be that we think that’s weird, too?

"…We cannot afford to be colorblind; we have to be colorbrave. We have to be willing as teachers, parents and entrepreneurs and scientists. We have to be willing to have proactive conversations about race with honesty and understanding, and courage—not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do, because our businesses, and our products, and our science, our research, all of that will be better with greater diversity.”

Mellody Hobson.



March 25, 2014

March 12, 2014

"We can alter the path of our future and present right now, every day. Someone thought up a state with no Black people. No Black children. No Black women. No Black men. Can you believe that? And they first used their thought to make it so.

"What are we going to think up?
What are we going to create in this time? What story are we going to tell that the future will feel.
How powerful is your imagination RIGHT NOW to create it?
How powerful is our action?”

Intisar Abioto. 

March 7, 2014
future too bright.

future too bright.

March 4, 2014

"and so I hope that my presence on your screens and in magazines may lead you, young girl, on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. there is no shade in that beauty.

Lupita Nyong’o.

January 31, 2014

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January 30, 2014

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January 30, 2014

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